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Okay but what about Les Amis and co. going to restaurants:

  • Like just watching the waiter of waitress’s face drop when they say ‘table for thirteen please’
  • (they have to shove four three tables together and pull up five extra chairs)
  • It takes them about an hour to order
  • and another hour for everyone to get all their food
  • somehow it has become a tradition for the restaurant to get Joly’s order wrong
  • Jehan usually orders something really expensive and then just eat off of everyone else’s plate instead
  • it’s okay though because bahorel and feuilly finish everyone’s his off
  • marius, enjolras, and eponine bond over desserts
  • they order every single dessert on the menu, let feuilly and bahorel finish off their main meals, and then eat the desserts together communicating in moans and squeals of delight
  •  combeferre is the human-disposal of the group
  • if you don’t like it, give it ferre 
  • which comes in handy b/c coufeyrac always orders something exotic and always ends up hating it (ferre has eaten so much exotic fish)
  • cosette eats like a bird and always makes everyone feel bad about themselves for ordering something really unhealthy while she munches on her fresh-garden salad
  • bousset usually ends up spilling his meal on the floor and then eating off of joly’s plate
  • r and musichetta are surprisingly the most defensive of their food; they growl and claw if someone comes close to their plate
  • they all chip in and buy their meals together because by the end of the night everyone pretty much shared the same food
  • they leave the waiter or waitress a huge tip (enj and feuilly threaten insist) and a cute little note of appreciation with a small sketch (grantaire) and a sweet poem (jehan) and signed by all of them
Hello my pretty, wherever you are at the moment. It's Olivia, yeah. I printed out the tickets, so don't bother. If you already have, good on you mate.

I has not! tickets for Shakespeare, yes? Aaaand I’m in Amsterdam right now, and zis is ze last stop. I’m back Sunday!

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The Medjai were originally supposed to be tattooed from head to toe, but Stephen Sommers vetoed against it because he thought Oded Fehr was “too good-looking” to be covered up. [imdb]


Now I need to get my ass onto researching the phoenix. 


Now I need to get my ass onto researching the phoenix. 


I love how with girls Dean’s like “heeeeey”

and with guys he’s like “so hey urm hi hey oh wait i already- fuck fuck i fucked up fuckign fuck i mean hey”